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Gypsum block production line Gypsum block production line Gypsum block production line
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Gypsum block production line Gypsum block production line Gypsum block production line
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Annual output: 100,000 meters square, 150,000 meters square, 200,000 meters square, 300,000 meters square and 500,000 meters square, etc., and dozens of specifications are available, such as 666×500×80 (hollow and solid), 666×500×100 (hollow and solid), 666×500×120 (hollow and solid), 666×500×150 (hollow and solid), 666×500×180 (solid), 300×500×200 (hollow). In addition, we can also customize mould cavities according to customers' specifications, and mould cavities of different specifications can be exchanged in the same machine unit.
To make you feel secure in your purchase, we provide a complete line of service, from project designing, equipment manufacturing, installation, to debugging and staff training etc.

Introduction of Process and Equipment
2.1 Process
2.1.1 Weighing Section Building Gypsum
The gypsum in the material storage house is sent to the weighing bin through a screw conveyor, and the screw conveyor will stop when the amount of materials in the weighing bin reaches the set value. Water
The water of the plant pipe network is sent to the weighing tank, which is controlled by the solenoid valve. When the amount of water in the tank reaches the set value, the solenoid valve will be closed. The water tank is fitted with a level gauge, and the required value can be set through the DCS system.
2.1.2 Forming Section
The weighed gypsum is quickly conveyed to the mixer by the screw conveyor, and water is transported to the mixer via the pneumatic valve. After being mixed, the gypsum slurry is dumped into the forming machine. When the gypsum slurry achieves certain strength, a hydraulic scrapping device is used to scrape a rabbet and then eject the formed gypsum block through hydraulic pressure. After this, the two-dimensional space clamp is used to clamp the gypsum block from the forming machine to the dryer.
2.1.3 Drying Section
The water of the formed gypsum block can be removed by two methods: natural drying and artificial drying.
Our self-developed gypsum block dryer is a tunnel drying machine which uses cross wind technology. The drying time is 36 hours. This dryer can use many types of fuels, including coal, natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, etc. Besides, it is equipped with pusher, waste heat recovery system, automatic wind and temperature regulation system, steering machine, unloading machine, and subsystem, which help realize automatic running of the dryer.
2.1.4 Finished Product Packaging and Storing Section
The dried gypsum block is unloaded and sent to the packaging machine through the unloading machine.
2.3 Main Equipment Introduction
2.3.1 Gypsum Powder Weighing Bin
It uses high precision weighing sensor, resulting in high weighing precision (±0.5%) and stability.
2.3.2 Measuring Tank
The measuring tank, which is equipped with a liquid level transmitter, is made by 304 stainless steel. The measuring accuracy is ±0.5%.
2.3.3 Mixer
The mixer is built by stainless steel for high durability. It is equipped with a brush device to clean off the slurry adhered to the hopper. The mixer uses a high speed agitator to ensure quick and uniform mixing of the slurry.
2.3.4 Forming Machine
The forming machine adopts the world advanced hydraulic jacking technique. The die cavity uses hard chrome plated stainless steel, resulting in high surface hardness(≥HRC65) and gloss finish (0.1μm). The clapboard and side mould are built by CNC machining center for high dimensional accuracy (0.04mm), therefore, the dimensional accuracy of gypsum block is well ensured. The sealing strips are made by high polymer material, thus effectively avoiding leakage of slurry.
2.3.5 Space Clamp
The space clamp adopts two-dimensional design. The crown block travel motor and clamp elevating motor use frequency conversion control, with positioning accuracy <1mm. Besides, imported ultra-thin cylinder is used to ensure the gypsum blocks are uniformly stressed during clamping.
2.3.6 Central Hydraulic Station
The gypsum block forming machine uses design mode of hydraulic station, which can greatly reduce power loss and improve operating efficiency of the equipment. All hydraulic components are renowned brand products, so their reliability and service life are highly guaranteed.
2.3.7 Electrical Control Cabinet
In order to ensure the smooth running of the system and reduced downtime, we use famous brand electrical components, including Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC and inverter, Schneider low-voltage electrical parts, Chint cabinet body, etc.


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