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Brief introduction to FGD, Desulfurized gypsum powder

        FGD is the industrial byproduct gypsum coming from the desulfurization treatment to the gas from burning of sulfur bearing fuel, coal, e.g.

        As a kind of gypsum, FGD has the same principal component with natural gypsum.Their principal component is calcium sulphate dihydrate(CaSO4•2H2O). They have similar Chemical properties.But, as industrial byproduct, FGD has the same chemical properties with other chemical gypsum: more free water, fine particles and more impurities. The impurities in FGD is inorganic, and they are indissoluble mineral impurities. They have little influence on the gysum processing and application. In the process of desulfurizing, with the purpose of increasing the desulfurization, high requirement is made to the limestone, calcium oxide content, and fineness. It can ensure the stability of the FGD chemical composition. Among all the chemical gypsum, FGD is easy to process, what’s more, it has high purity(The content of CaSO4•2H2O in FGD is 85-95%). So FGD is very suitable to be used as construction gypsum raw material, and the finished product, gypsum board and gypsum block, has very good performance.

Technology of FGD gypsum powder production line
Two-step calcining technology is adopted in the desulfurized gypsum powder machine. The first step is pre-drying, and the second step is calcining in the furnace. Detailed description is as follows: Raw material is loaded from the raw material area to the feeding hopper, and after being weighed, it is sent to the Powder Transferring Oil Tube Dryer, in which the free water is removed. After pre-dryed, it is lifted to the furnace to be calcined. After being calcined, it is sent to the silo. The FGD gypsum powder machine has adopted advanced technology in the whole system.
Standard Final product from desulfurized gypsum powder production line
1. Quality:meet the national stander of GB9776-88.
2. Finess:≥80meshes。
3. Anti-bending strength(related to raw material):≥1.8Mpa;
anti-pressure strength:≥3.0Mpa。
4. main content(adjustable):
CaSO4.1/2 H2O:≥80%
Solvable CaSO4:﹤5%
5. preliminery consilidation duration::3~8min(adjustable);
Final consilidation duration:6~15min(adjustable).
6. Standard thickness:50~72%(adjustable)。

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